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Research Staff and Interns

Aniket Ithape (Research Staff)

Aniket Ithape is a research staff at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI). His expertise is in big data analytics, quality control, data scraping and programming with python. Aniket is currently developing learning materials for geospatial courses and NSF-ATE sponsored workshops at BGCCCI. Aniket is assisting the director of BGCCCI in designing new courses in Open Source GIS and Online GIS courses. Aniket has an under-graduate degree in computer science at Pune University, India and a Masters in Information Technology Management from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Ayan Barua

Ayan Barua is an upcoming graduate at Stony Brook University. His degree is in Engineering Chemistry and will be complete by this August. His degree centralizes in Chemistry, but focuses on topics such as Thermodynamics, Material Properties, and Materials Geometry. He has experience in lab courses dealing with circuitry and LabView. He has an interest in the formation and structure of materials and the purposes of such materials in everyday life and the potential uses of the materials in the future.

Gurdeep Chauhan

Gurdeep Chauhan is an upcoming graduate at York College, the City University of New York (CUNY). Gurdeep is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science (CS) and also minoring in Business Administration, which will be completed by December, 2015. The field of Computer Science is pretty vast. Many different topics related to the world of computers fall into this field. The topics/areas that interest Gurdeep are Networking and Communications, Computer Hardware, Data Analysis, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Gurdeep believes that working at the Bronx Community College (BCC) Geospatial Center will give him an opportunity to put his computer skills and knowledge to use. He believes that working with huge amounts of data at the center will help him build a stronger background in his field and also get a chance to take what he has learned over the years and apply it towards a very different, interesting, and upcoming field of study.

Khadija Aslam

Khadija Aslam is an upcoming graduate at York College, the City University of New York (CUNY). Khadija is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health Science and has completed her minor in Business Administration. Some topics in the field of Environmental Health Science that interest Khadija are air and water quality, wastewater disposal and treatment, hazardous and solid waste management, industrial hygiene, and food hygiene. Khadija believes that being a part of the Bronx Community College (BCC) Geospatial Center will give her the opportunity to observe and learn how data from different fields in Environmental Sciences can be used in other fields of study.

Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown is a Baccalaureate Student at York College the City University of New York (YCCUNY) Queen, New York (Ba in Environmental Science Major and Psychology Minor)-Leroy Brown is a student who is currently pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Environmental Health Science and Psychology at (YCCUNY). He earned an Associate Degree in Psychology from Bronx Community College. He has been working with Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran for 3 years and has published 3 peer review journals with oral presentation at different institutions in New York City. His research interests include: using Geospatial technologies in various applications such as climate change, hydrology, environmental impact assessment and disaster management.

Markese Wider (Intern - Unpaid)

Markese Lavell Wider is a current graduate student at the City University of New York-Hunter College where he is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Urban Policy and Leadership. Before attending graduate school, he graduated from the City University of New York-Queens College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. He is also an alumnus of City University of New York-Bronx Community College where he studied political science. His areas of interest include the production of urban space, urban/public policy, housing, economic development, community planning and advocacy, data analysis/visualization, participatory research methods, poverty/inequality, GIS/cartography, and critical race theory. He has a great deal of knowledge as it pertains to GIS and would like to further his education and skills by collaborating with the Bronx Community College (BCC) Geospatial Center. The Bronx Community College (BCC) Geospatial Center will also enable him to contribute to the education of those interested in learning skills in geospatial technologies while working as research assistant/intern. He currently works as an adjunct lecturer at the City University of New York-Bronx Community College where he teaches an introductory course in political science. He plans on furthering his education and would like to enter a Ph.D. program after he finishes his studies at Hunter College.

Pupel Barua

Pupel Barua is a first-generation college student from Bangladesh currently pursuing my A.S. degree in Computer Science in hopes of entering the Data Science field. He believes working at the Bronx Community College Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI) will develop my analytical, research, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in my future. Learning how to manage Big Data can help him conduct more effective research by learning how to analyze different streams of data and make significant connections that can help businesses and people make more well-informed decisions. Traditionally coming from a business background, he believes working in technology and being an engineer will put me in a position to innovate and create, potentially helping people throughout the world.

Tubuo Ferdinand Chiatoh (Intern-Unpaid)

Tubuo Ferdinand Chiatoh is a motivated and highly competent Geoscientist application specialist, specializing in spatial data management and analysis, geodatabase management and maintenance, remote sensing, climate change. Tubuo’s expertise includes creating high quality cartographic products, satellite image processing and analysis, model builder and python, database management systems, web GIS, project management, academic research and report writing, sustainable development. He graduated with a master’s degree in geography from the University of Eastern Finland. He also holds a master’s degree in Geomatics from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany. After graduating from Germany, he spent a year in Cameroon working with both NGOs and government in the field of Geospatial technology. During this time, he also undertook projects and consultancy with the ministry of environment and forestry how to track of control illegal logging in Cameroon. He is currently interning both for the New City Department of City Planning and BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI).


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