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Applying to College Discovery


To be eligible for College Discovery, you must:

  • be a legal resident of New York City for at least one year prior to entering college.
  • be a high school graduate or recipient of a state-approved equivalency diploma (e.g., GED).
  • be a first-time first-semester student, or a transfer student previously enrolled in another New York State higher education opportunity program such as SEEK (CUNY), HEOP (private colleges), or EOP (SUNY).
  • have a gross family income that meets the New York State guidelines. Click here for more information. LINK TO
  • have earned a high school GPA less than 79.9, or a rank in the class at the 65th percentile or lower.

How to Apply

  • You must complete the Special Programs (SEEK and College Discovery) section of the CUNY Freshman Admission Application online at
  • You must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA can be submitted electronically through the internet at

    Note: You should list all of the CUNY colleges you are considering in step 6 of your FAFSA. Be aware that not all eligible students are accepted to SEEK or CD. Therefore, you should submit your application early to increase your chances of being accepted.

Next Steps After You Are Accepted Into the Program

Admission to College Discovery is conditional until you do the following:

  • Take the University basic skills assessment tests in reading, writing, and mathematics (unless you are exempt based on your SAT and/or Regents scores).
    Note: Please do your best on these exams as they will determine whether or not you will need to take basic skills courses. Please click here for practice exams.
  • Bring the required financial documents to the Office of Financial Aid to prove your economic eligibility for College Discovery, which includes the following:
  • Proof of income for the year 2010, such as income tax return, social security benefits, public assistance benefits (welfare), etc.
  • Social security card OR alien registration card
  • Any additional documents required by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Attend an open house for admitted College Discovery students.
  • Attend a pre-college summer program.

Requirements for Staying in the Program

  • Full-Time Enrollment Status: Students are required to register for a full-time program of study each semester.
  • Academic Standing: Students are required to maintain good academic standing (2.0 or above GPA).
  • Class Attendance: Students are required to attend all class meetings except in cases of illness or emergency.
  • Counseling: Students are required to meet with their assigned counselor a minimum of three times per semester.
  • Tutoring: Students are required to attend tutoring for all basic skills courses and historically difficult college credit courses.

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